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Combustible Gas LEL Detector Features

Combustible (Flammable) Gases pose an explosive hazard at sufficiently high concentrations in air. The Lower Explosive Limit (LEL) refers to the lowest concentration of gas/fumes/vapors in air required to produce fire in the presence of an ignition source (flame, heat, spark). The lower explosive limit is also known as the lower flammable limit (LFL). Combustible Gas Detectors typically provide meter indication expressed as %LEL rather than %Volume concentrations. This is intended to indicate the concentration of target gas in relationship to it's explosive hazard (Lower Explosive Limit). Therefore, meters are typically ranged for the 0-100 %LEL detection range.

The LEL for some commonly monitored combustible gases includes:

Methane: 5.0 % Volume (100 %LEL)
Hydrogen: 4.0 % Volume (100 %LEL)
Propane: 2.1 % Volume (100 %LEL)
Butane: 1.8 % Volume (100 %LEL)

Combustible Gas LEL Detector Spec's

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Combustible Gas LEL Detector

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