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Butadiene 1,3-
Gas Detector

Model TA-2100
3 or 4-Wire Type
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Butadiene Gas Detector Features

Occupational Exposure Values - Compiled by ACGIH
(shown for reference only - verify latest values)

ACGIH Values - Butadiene 1,3-
Threshold limit value (TLV): 2 ppm, 4.4 mg/m3 TWA

OSHA PELs - Butadiene 1,3-
Permissible Exposure Limits: 1 ppm, 2.21 mg/m3 TWA; 5 ppm, 11 mg/m3 STEL

Butadiene Gas Detector Spec's

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Butadiene Gas Detector

Gas Detector Applications

Rubber Production
Chemical Processing
Plastics Manufacturing
and More

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